Kari Latta

A calling and passion from deep within her spirit, her heart bursts with creativity and gentle playful energy. Utilizing ancient techniques, she creates meaningful adornment and spreads beauty to each wearer.

She is dually inspired; Having lived in Connecticut as a child, she explored the woods and combed the beaches. This gifted her a deep appreciation of the natural world as evidenced in her work. And a muse, her grandmother, having been a world traveler curated a life long collection of fine fabrics, paintings, jewels, sculptures; every imaginable vehicle of artistic expression. This had a profound impact upon Kari’s sense of artistry and design. Her jewelry crosses cultures and transcends time.

With the birth of her son in 2002, she could no longer deny her need to express her artistry through jewelry design & her collection was born.

Each piece buds from Kari’s hands; elegant twists of wire, gentle taps of her hammer and the flame of her torch igniting her path as she creates displays for mother nature’s gems. The result enkindles appreciation for the extemporaneous and beautiful variations of each artisan piece.